Reldnahc (deceased)

Renegade Duergar (dark dwarf)


Duergar, 9th level Fighter/11th Level Thief

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Hit Points: 79

Armor Class: -4

Strength: 18.94% (18.00% +3 to hit + 6 damage)

Intelligence: 18

Wisdom: 18

Dexterity: 16

Constitution: 17

Charisma: 16 (18 for Dwarves)

Magical Weapons: Plate Mail and a Shield +2, Battle Axe +1, Hammer +3 (functions as a
Dwarven Thrower in the hands of Druegar and grants the ability of striding and springing), Gauntlets of Ogre Power (18.00 strength) and a Ring of Invisibility


Reldnahc was at one time a Nedavellir dwarf. He was taken prisoner by Svölnir many years ago, tortured and driven to evil, and eventually polymorphed into a duergar, a dark dwarf (evil). He’s served Svölnir as an adviser for 25 years, 5 years before that as a thrall. Reldnahc’s years of service to the Fire Giants came to an end when attacked and slain by Gram’s Viking party.

The dwarf, Kerndrol, upon learning that his brethren of Nedavellir have been serving the Giants, swore a blood-oath against them, renewing his pledge to aid the raiders.

Reldnahc (deceased)

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