Sadenchir (deceased)

The Hill Giant Chief


This 15’ tall chaotic-evil hill giant is as powerful as a frost giant:

HD: 10 + 1-4, AC: 4

65 Hit Points

Damage: 4-24, hurl rocks 20" for 2-20 points

Favored weapon: small ballista, 30" range, fires spears for 2-8 points of damage, 4-24 vs. larger than man-size.


Sadenchir is a fat, objurgating hill giant that was a thrall to the Mountain Giant King for an age. After proving himself a foul evil minion with deeds against gods and men, he was given a steading to rule the giant king’s human mutations that mimic the hill giant race. Sadenchir was delighted to rule and torture them. He oversaw the building of the blasphemous wooden hall and treated these hill giant mutants accordingly – cannon fodder in their war against the gods. His immense gut is reputed to be from an addictive habit of high-honey mead and horse flesh.

Sadenchir was slain by the half-orc Ketil (deceased) during an assault by Viking Einheriar from Midgard.

Sadenchir (deceased)

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