Vendel (deceased)

Viking Henchmen


VENDEL (henchman)

4th Level Male Human Fighter
AC: 2 (1 without shield, using great axe)
HP: 37
STR – 18.68
INT – 9
WIS – 7
DEX – 16
CON – 17
CHA – 10

Items: Great Axe +1

Combat: +5 to hit + 6 to dam

Armor: Chain Mail + Shield + Helm


Vendel is one of four kinsman from the settlement of New Thule joining the Vikings as a henchmen to raid the Frost Giants and the only one of the four to survive the first twenty-four hours. He’s proven himself a stout fighter and Gram has given Vendel loan of his magic great axe for his valor.

Vendel (deceased)

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