Long Sword, Flame-Tongue

weapon (melee)

This holy sword, a “flame-tongue” is named Dragvendil, the flame spitter. It is a twin of the blade “Ragi – the trophy maker” though different in many ways and superior in the hands of a spell caster.

The sword functions as a “flame-tongue” igniting into a flaming brand upon the wielder’s command, equal to the light of a torch and possibly setting fire to flammable materials.

The sword’s melee bonuses are quite different, standard +1, +2 versus giants, +3 versus frost giants, and +4 versus underground evil creatures (including trolls and dark elves). On a natural 20 the sword will inflict an automatic critical on any giant or underground evil creature (creatures that CANNOT withstand the light of day). If the user is a spell-caster, 1/day, the sword can spit out its flame upon an enemy equal to a flame strike spell (no 1’s rolled – treat as a 2). Frost giants cannot save for half-damage against the flames when they are spit. Thereafter the sword will function as a +1 weapon only (including loss of the critical function) for the remainder of the day. Like it’s twin Ragi, when lit, damage from the blade upon named creatures cannot be regenerated by normal means (trolls, etc) though rest and magical healing will cure as normal.

The red runes upon the blade explain these functions if one can read them, though they can only be seen when the sword is ignited or during battle or when in a forge or near significant flame.

The sword is Neutral Good and has an Intelligence of 6 (no other special abilities).



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