Foehelm, the giant killer

Two-Handed Giant Slayer

weapon (melee)

An Elven crafted Two-Handed Sword +2 “Giant Slayer” +4 versus “giant class” monsters. On all true Norse Giants the weapon does double weapon damage, i.e., 6-36 +4. In the hands of a competent swordsman, the blade is sure to live up to its name. Foehelm has an Intelligence rating of 14, ego of 8, and a personality of 22. Foehelm speaks Hill, Mountain, Stone, Rock, Frost and Ice Giant languages in addition to Norse, Elvish and Neutral Good (which alignment the weapon is). It detects enemies with 12" feet.


Foehelm is a magic blade forged by the Elvish smiths descended from Ivaldi shortly after the Giants began their terror campaign against the Vanir. It was stolen by the Cloud Giant Volken, who had plans to deliver it as tribute to Utgard-Loki until it was recovered by Hrolf Gramsson in the Settlement of the Hill Giant Chief Sadenchir.

The weapon may only be wielded by beings of Good alignment, although the sword may allow non-good beings to use it as a +2 weapon if it desires. In Hrolf’s case it allowed the viking (a chaotic-neutral Berserk) to wield it as it sought out the elf Slinor, in who’s hands the blade now rests.

The sword was imbued with the power to pulse when enemies are near and will point out their general location.

Foehelm, the giant killer

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