Ring of Invisibility


This ring of invisibility is also a cursed ring of contrariness – beauty and the beast all forged in one.


This ring was forged by the shape-shifting Giant Yerd who took the form of a dwarf and learned the craft of ring making. The ring is named Mflbher. It was seized in a raid by King Snurre log ago and set as a trap for fools who would steal his treasure hoard. Mflbher has a will of its own, and can withhold “contrariness” for up to 24 hours, where it can then instead cast a suggestion on the wearer with -2 penalty to force the wearer to take some action that will benefit the ring (chaotic-evil). Powerful magic shields this alignment and the rest of the curse – the ring cannot be removed unless the wearer is killed (or the ring allows it).


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