Frost Brand

weapon (melee)

Neg is a +3 Viking long sword, +6 against “fire-using” creatures. This weapon sheds light only when the temperature is zero degrees and gives the wielder fire-resistance and has a 50% chance of extinguishing flames, even a wall of fire, in a ten foot radius.


Neg was forged by a line of good mountain dwarves before the birth of man, to aid them against their hated enemies, the fire giants. Neg was one of seven such Frostbrand blades forged in the golden halls. These weapons are +6 against fire-using creatures, shed light when the temperature is below zero degrees and protects the wielder with fire resistance. There is a 50% the blade will extinguish any fire it is thrust into.

Legends say these blades would lead a charge into Muspell, where the very air of that land will burn the flesh to cinders.

One of these blades was recovered by Finn Grimsson in the Hall of the Mountain Giant King.


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