Long Sword, Flame-Tongue

weapon (melee)

Ragi “the trophy maker” is a twin holy sword to Dragvendil and has the following qualities of all flame-tongue weapons: it ignites upon the wielder’s command, shedding light as a torch and possibly igniting items vulnerable to fire.

Bonuses: +1, +2 on regenerating creatures, +3 on cold-using, dwelling and avian creatures, +4 on undead. On a natural twenty roll the weapon will do triple damage on any giant (plus the standard chance of a critical hit). The sword must be lit in order to gain the higher bonuses.

The sword is Chaotic-Neutral, INT: 13, EGO: 13, PER: 26 and detects gems (kind and number) in a 5’ radius (per round) as many times per day as the sword has ego points.



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