Dragon Slaying Sword

weapon (melee)

Wurm Wrath is a dragon slaying bastard sword forged to slay white dragons. INT: 13 EGO: 13 PER: 26 AL: CG The weapon is +2, +4 versus dragons (including polar worms) and does triple weapon damage (6-48) on white dragons (double damage on polar worms). The sword communicates through empathy and can detect evil/good in a 10’ radius, sloping passages in a 10’ radius, one charge each. As with all magic swords, the weapons sheds light in a 20’ radius when drawn from its scabbard. Unique to this weapon according to its runes is the ability to change from long sword to bastard sword at the will of the possessor.


Little is currently known about Wurm Wrath though this may change with time or great study. The blade was found in the Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl in the possession of a pack of Yeti. It is assumed the Yeti had no knowledge about the sword other than it was a magic weapon. The sword communicated a feeling of gratitude to be freed from the possession of those creatures and hinted that a white dragon of note was in the vicinity. The blade was found with a jeweled scabbard worth 6,000 gp.


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