Humanoids in the Norse culture are seen as mutants, failed version of the mingling of giants and men. Where the gods and giants can mate and produce a superior get, the blending of giant kind with men produces humanoids. Further in-breeding has led to other degenerate offsprings starting whole racial lines. No legends have been found to explain the Ogre. Perhaps the mating of a hill giant and troll or kobold or goblin, no living Skalds are certain.


They are the preferred mercenary of the evil races and can be found in any of the outlands. They have been known to use any weapon and some use armor.

Their skin varies from black, brown to even yellow. Some are violet. Their hair is black to dark green and their skin is usually full of warty pumps. They have talons on their feet and hands and typically wear animal furs. They are evil through and through, using humans for slaves or food. And average Ogre stands 9’ feet or more.


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