Rage Of The Norsemen

Session Twenty-Eight
The Mote in Odin's Eye

Odin appears as a wandering beggar, commands the vikings to change course, a Lich assaults the party as they debate the omen, and Knut consults with Hel herself for answers…


Session Twenty-Seven
Don't Pay The Ferryman (until he gets you to the other side...)

Egil loses his boots (and nearly his feet) to green slime, an agreement is signed with the Svart Gnomes, and a strange “fish-man” takes the Vikings across a river, descending further in Svartalfheim…


Session Twenty-Six
Skulking in the dark, slave trading with Svart

Elf merchants, and last words with Odin.

The underdark cave by drowelfmorwen d58jixd

Session Twenty-Five
The Norsemen become sell-swords to the

Svart Elves, Mind Flayer mayhem, and another soul claimed by Hel.

D1 mindflayer01

Session Twenty-Four
Out of the frying pan into the... purple worm!

Dmg 166 blog 10

Session Twenty-Three
Spelunking, Viking style.


Adventure summary soon…

Session Twenty-Two
Descent into Svartalfaheim


Update soon…

Session Twenty-One
Wrath of the Thunder God

Aki passes out the Berserker Flask and the Norsemen drink themselves into a frenzied trance of speed and brute force. Guided by Mugin and Frigga’s Valkyrie, they slaughter the evil Frost Giants, and gain entrance into the hall of the worm. There, Gram and Hrolf slay the great father of the Polar Wurm race and rest Thor’s Hammer. The sons of Thrym climb the mountain side and summon blizzards to trap the heroes. Out of options, Knut gates in Thor and the God takes up his hammer, killing the sons of Thrym but burying the Vikings in an avalanche of ice in the cracking thunder of the battle.

707214 fight3 super

Under the earth, Odin revives and frees the Norsemen of their charge and they reclaim their mortal lives once more. Before them a grim choice… Return to the settlement and search out a way back home, or follow Slinor and Aki to her homeland with the Vanir. But that decision is another saga yet to be told…

Note: This saga (the first of three) was completed exactly 2 years from the date of the first game.

Session Twenty
If at first you don't succeed... berserk berserk again.

Duergar and Frost Giants unleash their ambush tactics on the party and the Vikings retaliate with full berserk rage, killing their enemies to the last woman and child. The ring of wishes spares yet another Norseman from the icy grip of Hel and the hammer of Thorr is yet to be found.

Ff deadgiant

Session Nineteen
The Jarl's Last Stand

The Frost Giant Jarl ambushes the party and pays with his life, another ring of wishes saves the day, and a pair of mated white dragons track down the Vikings for revenge.



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