Rage Of The Norsemen

Session Thirty-One
Out of the fish pool and into the spider's web...

The Vikings move to elude the Svartalf war-trumpets filling the Shrine of the Drowned Ones and make haste following the Svart-Gnomes advice, skirting detection from the war band boasting mass numbers of Trolls, Trogs, and Bugbear servants…

The cavern tunnels see them closer to the goal on their crude map but also put them face-to-face with the foul dark-spawned pets of the dark elves: eight giant black window spiders thirsty for flesh!


Session Thirty!
It's not over until the war horn sings...

The Vikings regroup after slaughtering a horde of drowned ones only to discover a war party ready to take back their shrine, a jail break verging on riot, a plunder of great wealth, and just when they think they’ve won the day, an army arrives to take their prize…


Session Twenty-Nine
Raiders of the Shrine of Dagon

The Norsemen blitzkrieg the Drowned One’s shrine and find themselves in an all-out-battle against hordes of fish men…


Scenario update soon to follow…

Session Twenty-Eight
The Mote in Odin's Eye

Odin appears as a wandering beggar, commands the vikings to change course, a Lich assaults the party as they debate the omen, and Knut consults with Hel herself for answers…


Session Twenty-Seven
Don't Pay The Ferryman (until he gets you to the other side...)

Egil loses his boots (and nearly his feet) to green slime, an agreement is signed with the Svart Gnomes, and a strange “fish-man” takes the Vikings across a river, descending further in Svartalfheim…


Session Twenty-Six
Skulking in the dark, slave trading with Svart

Elf merchants, and last words with Odin.

The underdark cave by drowelfmorwen d58jixd

Session Twenty-Five
The Norsemen become sell-swords to the

Svart Elves, Mind Flayer mayhem, and another soul claimed by Hel.

D1 mindflayer01

Session Twenty-Four
Out of the frying pan into the... purple worm!

Dmg 166 blog 10

Session Twenty-Three
Spelunking, Viking style.


Adventure summary soon…

Session Twenty-Two
Descent into Svartalfaheim


Update soon…


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