Rage Of The Norsemen

Session Twenty-Eight

The Mote in Odin's Eye

Odin appears as a wandering beggar, commands the vikings to change course, a Lich assaults the party as they debate the omen, and Knut consults with Hel herself for answers…



Players in this session were Patrick, Scott and Ken. We celebrate the return of Ken to the game and highlight some of the outrageous rolls of the game:

As Knut, Ken needed a 10 to turn a Lich, rolled a 9; a 10 to save versus spell, rolled a 9; and a 95 (or lower) to make a system shock, rolled a 96.

There where also three fumbles in the game, stunning Gram, Egil and Hrolf during the showdown with the Lich, Illugi Voll-Killer.

Session Twenty-Eight