Rage Of The Norsemen

Session Two

Death, destruction and a cry of shock...

The party of Vikings adventured on into the Hall, finding a room of Hill Giantesses and their Matron. With no quarter they slew them all to the Matron, torturing her for information and she gladly revealed the location of the chambers of the Hill Giant Chief. Hrolf then ended the giantess’s life as the Norsemen looted what they could, keeping the find in a large chest and moved on.

The chambers of the Chief proved empty save for a guard room of sleeping giants. Ketil entered silently, slaying one but was attacked by a giant awoken by Ketil’s movement. The Vikings offered the remaining giants only death. They pillaged the chambers finding nothing of use until Knut called upon the forces of the Aesir and detected a set of five magic javelins. Aki studied them and found them to be enchanted with the lightning of Thorr. A map of the island was found as well, though not even Aki could translate the runes upon it. Lastly, they discovered a chamber guarded by a giant cave bear that ripped into Aki before the Vikings fell the beast with their spears.

A doorway to an outside kennel of dire wolves was discovered as well as another door from which they could hear the raucous celebration of evil giant kind. At this moment, Egil went berserk, and failing to stop him, the Vikings decided now was the time for an all out raid and they burst into the great hall…

What they beheld was a massive celebration before a huge fire pit, torches and the waving flames of the pit casting long dark shadows in all directions about the hall. A whole ox, two sheep and four pigs roasted above that pit. And all around tables and chairs filled with dozens of Hill Giants and Ogres. At one end of the hall they could see the chief, Sadenchir (deceased), fat and disgusting, drinking down a horn of beer as his giantess wife and Stone Giant servants laughed with them. A Cloud Giant stood out amongst this horde.

In full berserk mode Egil, Finn, Hrolf and Gram charged in with the Valkyries at their side. With surprise they launched 3 of the lightning javelins, sending back strokes of electricity into nearby giants and ogres. Before the giants could grab their weapons the axes and long swords of the Vikings were cleaving flesh and bone…

Ketil crept through the shadows seeing the Chief jump for a giant ballista on the wall and delivered a death blow into Sadenchir’s back. The matron and her cave bear — hidden under the table — fell upon Ketil, initiating the fight of his life. In seven bloody rounds every giant and ogre fell to the Vikings though they were bashed, cut and mangled. Egil collapsed, his frenzy taking him beyond his mortal capacity. A last hold out of giants moved in for the final kill but Knut called up a wall of spinning blades and the last few giants were cut and diced, some arms and legs landing into the fire pit.

Ketil slew the cave bear but the giantess, in rage at her slain chief, brought down a blow upon Ketil that dropped him nearly to death. Aki, the skald, leaped upon the bitch and ran his long sword through her heart.

The Vikings stood covered in blood and close to death when the far doors of the hall opened causing the Norsemen to stand silent. Three Norse women – slaves – carrying food dropped the plates as they beheld their men standing on piles of dead giants. The Vikings recognized the women as their kin.

“We’ve slain these giants. Are their more about the hall?” shouted Gram.

The woman closest to him, still looking pale, voiced a stark reply: “What giants? There are no giants here.”

End session two. Link to Session Three.


Players were Rick, CAD, Greg & Patrick.

Session Two

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