Aki Sleggjasson

Norse Skald



Bard Class, Level: 15 (R7, D9) Male Human

Yrmin-Drighten of the Rune-Gild, Secondary Skill: Story Teller

H 6’5” W 226 lbs., Alignment: Neutral (Good), Religion: Norse


18.63 Strength +2 hit +3 dam 1-4 doors 25% bend/lift W.A. = 1750 gp’s (175#)

13 Intelligence +3 languages

(15) 16 Wisdom +1 magical attack on mind, 2 1st, 1 2nd level bonus

18 Dexterity +3 reaction, missile attacks, -4 AC defensive adjustment

15 Constitution +1 hp 91% system shock 94% resurrection survival

15 Charisma 7 max henchmen +15% loyalty, +15% reaction

Languages (Norse, N, Orcish, Ogrish, Goblin, Thieves’ Cant, Druidical, Dwarvish, Treantish, Elvish, Hill Giant, Stone Giant, Frost Giant, Centaur, Svart Elf, Gnome, Dryad, Faun, Bugbear, Troll, Fire Giant, Werebear)

SAVING THROWS: P/P: 4, PT/PL: 6, R,S,W: 5, BW: 9/5, SPELL: 6

MOVE: 12”

Current Encumbrance: 85#

AC: 0

Armor worn: Battle Shield +2 (forged by the dwarven smith Kerndrol)

Weapons of Proficiency = 5 (-2 penalty)

BASE THACO: 14 Number of attacks per round: 1 Berserk Form: special



Long Sword +1 Dragvendil the flame spitter +2 vs. giants, +3 vs. frost giants, +4 vs. underground races (including trolls, dark elves): Damage: 1-8/1-12 (lg.) No. of Attacks: 1

Seax (dagger): Damage 1-4/1-3 (lg.) No. of Attacks: 1

Longbow: Damage 1-6/1-6 (lg.) No. of Attacks: 2

hammer +2 (reforged by Kerndrol, named Sleggja’s Heart) No. of Attacks: 1

Additional Weapon Slots: (two-handed sword)

Two-Weapon Combat: 0/-1 to hit

MAGIC ITEMS: 18 +1 arrows, 6 +2 arrows, +3 ring of protection, ring of invisibility, pipes of the sewers, scroll: insect plague, potion of invulnerability, potion of longevity, philter of persuasiveness, berserker flask, Torc of the 9 Worlds, pearl of wisdom (special)


seax, spear, belt, torches, 4 oil flasks, 2 iron spikes, thieves tools, girdle, Norse holy symbol, drum, horn, clothes, weapon harness, backpack, water flask, 2 days rations, wool clothes, scabbard, banner on pole 10’, longbow & quiver, 11 normal arrows, map of general area surrounding Surt’s fortress in Muspell, fur pelt cape (1,000 gp)

MONEY: 12 gold sceattas, 11 rubies (5,000 gp’s each), silver ewer line with 9 100 gp pearls and a silver bowl rimmed with 3 500 gp garnets (total worth as a set – 3,000 gp’s), silver egg (500 gp’s), 51 100 gp jade stones, malachite box (1,000 gp), 100 pp,


Back-Stabbing: +4 hit, x4 dam


115% 92% 80% 99*% 92% 35% 99.9*% 60%

Bard Functions: Charm Person (with music) – 63% (40’ radius)

1 round minimum, save thereafter. If charmed, Aki may make suggestions (those affected save at –2). Singing can be attempted 1/day per creature and is broken by violence or louder noises

Runic Item Knowledge/Legend Lore/Genealogy – 60%

Poetics (Lokk): raise morale (10%)(1 round), cause ferocity (+1 to hit)(1 round)(auto-berserk on kinsman that are true berserks)

Singing (galdur) cancels song attacks of harpies, etc and calms shriekers and other vegetation
Knows all Furthark Runes

Druid Spell Use: 7/6/3/2/1

Spells: _detect magic (X2), pass without trace (X2), faerie fire (X2), detect poison, barkskin, cure light wounds (x4) heat metal, neutralize poison, hold animal, stone shape, cure serious wounds (X2), transmute rock to mud

Followers: two noble centaurs: Falstaff and Forgrim (left to guard in the Cloud Giant Jalon’s cave at the base of Mount Thrymdeim) and a Treant at the cairn of Freya near the Viking settlement in Jotunheim.

The Cloud Giant Jalon’s twin, Rustaga, ambushed and slew Falstaff and Forgrim, roasting them in the Hall of the Frost Giant Jarl. When Aki found this, he went into berserk form.


Aki was born into the Karl class (farmer) and found his inspiration in the poetic sagas and eddas he would hear from passing Skalds and began re-telling stories to his family. He quickly entered practice as a hunter and joined the ranger class where his travels allowed him the experience to create poetry of his own. In the wild he encountered great tales and legends and beheld first hand vicious Kobolds and other humanoids, giant-kind and elves. His accomplishments were noted by the shaman (druids) of the Cult of Odhinn where they made him one of their folk – the “true” berserk – able to shape themselves into the animal of their rage. Aki then earned the honor to call himself a “skald” and he was adopted into the Rune-Gild.

In time Aki’s renown grew to the highest circle of the sklads and he lived as a celebrated hero of Thuleheim until the Giant assault… For the surviving Norsemen, Aki is the last living Skald, in his hands is the responsibility to carry on not just deeds of valor of party, but the entire history of all Vikings.

Aki is the son of Sleggja, “the sledge hammer,” a great hunter whose was granted his own land to farm for the Jarls (chieftains).

Note: the black cloak & boots were forged by the dark elves – when underground or at night they function as a pair of cloak and boots of elvenkind – every 8 hours exposed to sunlight they must save vs normal fire or be destroyed.

Aki Sleggjasson

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