Egil Grimsson

Viking Berserk



Fighter Class
Level: 10
Male Human
Alignment: Neutral
Raider of Thule
Secondary Skill: Mason/Carpenter
H 6’ W 185lbs
Religion: Norse


18.37 Strength +1 hit, +3 dam, 1-3 doors 20% bend/lift W.A.= 1500 gp’s (150#)

14 Intelligence +4 additional languages

12 Wisdom +2 mind saves 2 1st 2 2nd bonus

17 Dexterity +2 surprise/missile combat -3AC

16 Constitution +2 hp, 95% system shock 96% resurrection

16 Charisma 15 max henchmen +40% loyalty +35% reaction adj.

Languages (Norse, N, Orcish, Kobold, Hobgoblin, Hill Giant)

MOVE: 12” (24" with boots)


Paralyzation/Poison = 8

Petrify/Polymorph = 9

Rod, Staff or Wand = 10

Breath Weapon = 10

Spells = 11

AC: 3 (5 without boots)

Armor Worn: battle shield +1 + helm


HP: 74


Great Axe



Long Sword +2 Giant Slayer named FRMGUR (+3 versus “giant races” and does double damage (2-24 points +3 on “true giants”)

Heavy Crossbow of Speed +2 and 11 +2 bolts


Great Axe is two-handed

Spear may be set to receive charge (double weapon damage)

Great axe has no negative modifiers vs. armor

Two-Weapon Combat: 0/-2 to hit

MAGIC ITEMS: potion of giant strength, ring of water walking, ring of fire resistance, boots of speed (+2), potion of water-breathing

EQUIPMENT: spear, seax, long sword, 2 throwing spears, 1 vial of holy
water, silver cross, 3 oil flasks, backpack, wool clothes, belt, girdle, scabbard, weapon harness, 5 torches and a tinder box, water skin (6 days), 110’ rope, sabre-tooth cloak, 2 sleeping silks, 1 Svartalf black metal medallion, black human-sized Svartalf cloak from Aki

MONEY: 7 Gold sceattas


What good is being a berserk when you’re a farmer? Thus would Egil lament to his older brother Finn about their heritage and their current economic woes. But they tried. Finn carried on with the shipbuilding trade of his father while Egil took his carpentry skills into masonry. But again, the question, what good is a berserker using tools to build instead of weapons to hack? So the brothers began the viking life, raiding, pillaging and the lot. This was usually against other rival Norse clans and blood feuds would arise and soon Finn and Egil saw their parents tortured to death, their younger brother slaughtered and their grandfather disowning them. All the while Egil’s berserking raged unchecked. Barroom brawls resulted in murder charges and in desperation they plotted to kidnap the King and offer a ransom. Then the Giants came. Now Egil can berserk in good fashion, often hindering Finn and the rest of the Vikings.

Egil Grimsson

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