Finn Grimsson

Viking Berserk


Fighter Class, Raider of Thule
Level: 10
Male Human
Alignment: Neutral
Secondary Skill: Shipwright
H 6’ W 200 lbs
Religion: Norse


18.53 Strength +2 hit, +3 dam 1-4 doors, 25% bend/lift W.A. = 1,750 gp’s (175#)

15 Intelligence +4 languages

12 Wisdom

17 Dexterity +2 surprise/missile combat -3 AC

17 Constitution +3 hp 97% system shock 98% resurrection survival

16 Charisma 8 max henchmen +20% loyalty base, +25% reaction adjustment

Languages (Norse, N, Bugbear, Kobold, Hill Giant, Ettin)


Paralyzation/Poison = 5

Petrify/Polymorph = 6

Rod, Staff or Wand = 7

Breath Weapon = 6

Spells = 8

AC: -5 (-2 without ring)

Armor Worn: chain + large +3 kite shield wurmbite + helm

Weapons of Proficiency = 6 (-2 penalty)

Hit Points: 86



Seax: Damage 1-4/1-3 (lg.) No. of Attacks: 3/2

Axe: Damage 1-6/1-4 (lg.) No. of Attacks: 3/2

Great Axe: Damage 2-12/1-10 (lg.) No. of Attacks: 3/2

+3 Frostbrand Long Sword named Neg Damage: 1-8/1-12 (lg.) No. of Attacks: 3/2

Spear: Damage 1-6/1-8 (lg.) No. of Attacks: 3/2

Viking Spear (thrown) 1-6/1-8 (lg.) No. of Attacks: 2

Great axe is two-handed, Spear may be set to receive charge (double weapon damage)

Great axe has no negative modifiers vs. metal armor

Spear ranges = 1”, m = 2” (-2), l = 3” (-5)

MAGIC ITEMS: potion of Norse giant strength, scroll of protection from elementals (all), ring of protection +3, potion of water-breathing

seax, axe, 2 spears, battle axe, 2 throwing spears, 4 oil flasks, 50’ rope, backpack, 4 torches, belt, 3 large sacks, 4 days of rations, boots, girdle, wool clothes, weapon harness, socks, chain armor, medium shield, iron helm, fishing net, 25’ rope, tinder box, whetstone, iron figurine of Odhinn, water skin, black human-sized svartalf boots from Aki

MONEY: 12 gold sceattas, 31 100 gp red spinels (pouch), piece of jewelry worth 10,000 gp, 199 pp, 3 pieces of gem-studded silver jewelry (1,000 earring, 5,000 tiara, 6,000 gp crown), 12 pieces of sard (1,000 gp’s each)

NOTE: +3 long sword is “Neg,” a frostbrand, +6 vs. fire-using creatures, gives wielder 50% fire-resistance, sheds light only when temperature is below 0 degrees and can extinguish flame when it touches the blade.


Finn’s brother is Egil, prone to irrationality and violence. He must make an intelligence check or try to berserk every time there is combat. His nature has caused the death of their younger brother Anuk, and influenced their Grandfather to disown both him and Finn. He loves his brother, but a wedge has been growing between them. Egil and Finn became Vikings for the purpose of pillaging, probably incited by the deaths of their sister, father and mother at the hands of another rival Norse clan. Finn and Egil have been desperate to gain a position in the Viking world and rise out of the Karl class. They concocted a scheme to kidnap the king and hold him for ransom. This was cut short by the Giant raid but certainly should be kept from the group. Finn is near his wits end with Egil.

Genealogy: Finn is the son of Grim a shipbuilder whose father was Olok, an iron smith.

Finn Grimsson

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