Gram Broad-Shoulder


Level: 17 Male Human
Alignment: Chaotic-Good
King of the survivors of Thuleheim
Secondary Skill: Smith
H 6’ W 185 lbs.
Religion: Norse


18.00 Strength +3 hit +6 dam 1-5 doors 40% bend/lift W.A.= 3,000 gp’s (300#)
(17 natural)

11 Intelligence +2 languages

10 Wisdom none

14 Dexterity none

17 Constitution +3hp 97% system shock 98% resurrection survival

13 Charisma 5 max henchmen +5% reac. adj.

Languages (Norse, CG, Hill Giant, Orcish)

MOVE: 12”


Paralyzation/Poison = 3

Petrify/Polymorph = 4

Rod, Staff or Wand = 5

Breath Weapon = 4

Spells = 6

AC: 1 (0 if using shield)

Armor Worn: +4 viking chain mail + helm + battle shield with an iron swirling interlaced thorny rose inlaid on the front (iron rimmed, steel boss)

BASE THACO: 4 Number of attacks per round: 5 per 2 Berserk: 3

HP: 113


+2 long sword: white dragon slayer +4 vs. dragons, triple damage on white dragons Wurmwrath

+3 Magic Ash Spear


+3 Magic Great Axe



Throwing Spear

(hammer) + (bastard sword)

bow range s = 6”, m = 12”(-2), l = 21” (-5)

spear ranges = 1”, m = 2” (-2), l = 3” (-5)

Great Axe is two-handed (cannot use a shield)

Spear may be set to receive charge (double weapon damage)

MAGIC ITEMS: gauntlets of ogre power, cloak of ancient white dragon skin hide +3 on saves versus cold attacks, ring of fire resistance, ring of one wish, iron horn of valhalla, potion of water-breathing

EQUIPMENT: longbow & quiver (22 arrows), belt, huge horn, 2 oil flasks, 3 torches, girdle, seax, tinderbox, mallet, long sword, scabbard, 3 iron spikes, backpack, axe, wool clothes, wine flask, weapon harness, water skin (2 days), 4 silver Valkyrie figurines, iron figurine of Frey, punctured iron shield boss, 3 bent swords, set of red dragon teeth, tooth of a bullete

MONEY: 14 gold sceattas, ivory case (400 gp), jeweled coral necklace (2,000 gp), silver drinking horn worth 6,000 gp, jeweled scepter (10,000 gp), 12 fire opals (1,000 gp each), gem-set broad girdle (66 dark green alexandrites, 100 gp each total value 6,600 gp), fur pelt cape (1,000 gp)


Gram Broad-shoulder comes from a long line of berserks. His legendary family line and their ferocity have made them chieftains among the Norse; Gram was born into the Jarl class. His surname is from his width, while his prowess is derived from his legendary luck. When the former King began attacking the Viking clans to consolidate his empire, Gram was one of a dozen Jarls who resisted. The former King’s bloodlust was cut short by the Giant raid. Because Gram is the most experienced and luckiest of warriors, and comes from the Jarl class, he was appointed King of the survivors and leader of their quest of vengeance against the giants.

Gram had four sons, three have been killed over the years in Viking raids. His surviving son, Hrolf Gramsson is somewhat of an enigma for Gram. Hrolf’s berserking is known to fail at times, while invoking itself when it is not needed. The fate of this, could smear the name of Gram’s family line, and makes him question Hrolf’s ability to wear the Winged Viking Crown after his death.

Gram Broad-Shoulder

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