Svart Gnome Fighter


Level 4 HD: 4D10+4 HP: 34
S – 18.50
I – 14
W – 13
D – 15*
C – 15
H – 12 (8)

AC: 1
MV: 9"

Armor: leather mithril ring mail jacket and chain (AC: 2)

Items: +1 dagger (non-magic), +2 dark elf dagger (non-magic), +1 pick axe (non-magic), 4 poison cloud darts, 1 acid dart, potion of water-breathing

Money: 30 10 gp gems, 1 100 gp gem, medallion (worth 25,000 gp)

Abilities: permanent non-detection, only surprised 1 in 12, surprise 9 in 10, 60% unseen, immune to illusion, 30% magic resistance, 120’ infravision, 30’ ultravision, detect slope, unsafe walls, determine depth, determine direction, 1/day: blindness, blur, change self


After joining the human raiders (Vikings) from Manheim (Midgard) to destroy the Shrine of Dagon (and the drowned ones), Gurnit grew determined that the curse of Odin, that all descendants of the Svartalfheim must turn to stone when exposed to the light of day, could be removed. He believes that the Ice Elf Slinor has the power to grant this, and has vowed to leave the Svart Gnome community and follow the Midgard Men on their quest.


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