Hrolf Gramsson

Norse Berserk



Fighter Class (Former Jarl of Thule)
Level: 13 Male Human
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Secondary Skill: Bower/Fletcher
H 6’ 7”, W 275lbs
Religion: Norse


18.72 Strength +2 hit +3 dam 1-4 doors, 25% bend/lift W.A. = 1750 gp’s (175#)

12 Intelligence +3 languages

10 Wisdom nada

15 Dexterity -1 AC/defensive adjustment

16 Constitution +2 hp 95% system shock 96% resurrection survival

(16 original Constitution score returned from 15 by Odin)

13 Charisma 5 max henchmen +5% reaction adjustment

Languages (Norse, CN, Troll, Hobgoblin, Orcish)


Paralyzation/Poison = 5
Petrify/Polymorph = 6
Rod, Staff or Wand = 7
Breath Weapon = 5
Spells = 8

Current Encumbrance: 85#

AC: 1 (0 with shield) MOVE: 12"

Armor Worn: black dragon leather armor with iron studs (AC: 2) (saves as magic versus acid) + battle shield + helm

Weapons of Proficiency = 8 (-2 penalty) add new weapon

Hit Points: 76

BASE THACO: 8 Number of Attacks per round: 2


Seax 1-4/1-3 (lg.) X3/2

Axe 1-6/1-4 (lg.) X3/2

+3 Great Axe 2-12/1-10 (lg.) X3/2

+1 Long Sword 1-8/1-12 (lg.) X3/2 Flame Tongue Ragi

Spear 1-6/1-8 (lg.) X3/2

Viking Spear 1-6/1-8 (lg.) X2 (throwing)

+1 Longbow 1-6/1-6 (lg.) X2

whip (wolf) ?

Great Axe is two-handed spear does double weapon damage when set for charge

Viking spear range: s = 1”, m = 2” (-2), l = 3” (-5)

Magic Items: Ring of Shooting Stars, Ring of Mind Protection, potion of Fire Resistance, Amber Urn of Carrying, Ring of Invisibility

EQUIPMENT: seax, axe, 1 spear, great axe, 2 throwing spear, 3 torches, 2 oil flasks, 50’ rope, 6 iron spikes, silver cross, backpack, girdle, belt small sack, wine flask, wool clothes, water skin (6 days), scabbards, weapon harness, 1 extra great horn, 30 flammable arrows, small chest, wolf whip, 21 normal arrows, fur-pelt cap (1,000 gp)

SWORD: Is an Intelligent “Flame Tongue” history yet unknown, INT: 10 EGO: 18 PER: 28, communicates via EMPATHY and is Chaotic-Neutral. It detects gems (kind and number) in a 5’ radius (per round) and may do so as many times per day as it has EGO points. It also has a special purpose: to SLAY giants. On a natural “20” the weapon does TRIPLE weapon damage (3-36 plus bonuses). A roll for critical may then be made after this damage is calculated. The sword is +1, +2 against regenerating creatures, +3 against cold-using or dwelling creatures and +4 vs. Undead. The sword will “flame” upon command equal to the brightness of a torch and this may set aflame flammable items. Otherwise the sword will shed no light. The sword was found in a jeweled scabbard worth 6,000 gp.

MONEY: 20 gold sceattas, two iron bracelets with small hammer pendants (Thor), ten 1,000 gp red fire opals, 5,000 gp ruby, 14 100gp watery-gold amber stones, 90 pp, 8 pieces of jewelry (2,000 gp silver brooch, 4,000 gp gold drinking horn, 3,000 gp gold belt buckle, 3,000 gp platinum tiara, 3,000 gp silver necklace, 4,000 gp silver necklace, 7,000 gp gem-encrusted gold bracelet, 2,000 gp gold earring), red dragon tooth, mind-flayer head (preserved), white dragon claw, gargoyle horn


Hrolf is the son of Gram Broad-Shoulder and now that he is King, heir apparent to the Viking throne. Hrolf was born into the Jarl class, and the long line of berserks that his father descended from. Hrolf is more chaotic than many Vikings care to tolerate. Some even see this as the possible taint of Loki. This demeanor has always impaired Hrolf’s berserk abilities as such that he often berserks when he shouldn’t, and when he should berserk he fails. This disappoints his father who doubts Hrolf’s ability to lead after him which Hrolf will either heal or bring to the breaking point.

Hrolf Gramsson

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