Norse Mountain Dwarf


Kerndrol (Norse Dwarf) (magic item knowledge 89%) F 8th HP: 86 AC: -2 (-6) (plate + shield)
S – 18.29, I – 8, W – 11, D – 10, Con – 20, CH – 6 AL: N
Hammer +3 is 5 to hit +8 damage X2, *1 axe,* broken +2 hammer (All others +1 +3 X3/2) THACO: 13
MAGIC ITEMS: potion of growth, ring of anything (special), dwarven plate & shield +2
Can make magic items (possesses requisite MU spells) MR: 50%, can cast SLOW 1/day, Stone Tell 1/day, Stone Shape 1/day, Meld with Stone 1/week, Transmute Rock to Mud 1/month, hammer functions as “specialized” when used in combat or at the forge, surprised only 1 in 10 underground (hearing/smell), 120’ infravision, Norse Dwarves can imbue their forges to cast Heat Metal 3/day, their troll-like composition gives them the ability to regenerate as a ring of regeneration (1 HP/Turn) and all normal Dwarven powers:
+5 on saves vs. poison, rods, staves, wands and spells
Speak: Norse, Dwarven, Giant (all), Humanoid (all), Elvish and N
Within 10’ (spending a full turn for each 10’ searched)
Detect Grade or Slope in Passage (up or down) 1-3 on D4
Detect New Construction or Passage/Tunnel – 75% (on 2 D10)
Detect Sliding or Shifting Walls or Rooms – (1-4 on D6)
Detect Traps involving pits, falling blocks and other stonework – (1-3 on D6)
Determine approximate depth underground – 50% (on 2 D10)
+1 to hit half-orcs, orcs, goblins, hobgoblins and Fire Giants
Ogres, Trolls, Ogre Magi, Giants and Titans are -4 to hit in melee against Dwarves


Kerndrol was among a cadre of Dwarven smiths selling their services to both Giant-kind and Aesir alike. Kerndrol’s band was ambushed by a group of Fire Giants and taken to Jotunheim where they were forced into slavery to build weapons for the Giant’s wars upon Midgard. Kerndrol was later imprisoned in the Mountain Giant King’s dungeon until rescued by Aki Sleggjasson and a party of Norsemen. Kerndrol now bears utter enmity towards the Fire Giants and has joined the band of Norseman and their charge to carry out the will of Odhinn.


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