Ketil (deceased)

Half-Orc Pict Thrall Assassin


Ketil was born among the mutants or Orcs across the sea from Thule. He is the product of a union of an Orc slave-master and a female thrall. He never knew either. First a thief among his kind he was captured during a Viking raid, and made a Thrall of King Gurt. Ketil proved to have a talent for death and over time, his skill as an assassin for the Jarl earned him the title of executioner. But he was always a thrall, always an outcast, always a half-breed. His lifestyle was preferred among the Vikings than to the day-to-day survival in the mutant lands. But, he harbors ill-will as all slaves do.

Ketil has promised his services to Gram Broad-Shoulder for the duration of this task of vengeance. But owes allegiance to no other. Since the halls of Valhall will not welcome him, it is uncertain what his ultimate fate may be.

Ketil (deceased)

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