Knut Kyrre (the Peaceful)

High Priest of Odhinn


KNUT KYRRE (the Peaceful), VIKING GODAR (chieftain-priest)

Cleric Class
Level: 14
Alignment: Neutral Good
High Priest of Odin
Secondary Skill: Animal Husbandry
H 6’ W 175 lbs
Religion: Norse


16 Strength +1 dam 1-3 doors 10% bend/lift W.A.= 850 gp’s (85#)

10 Intelligence 2 additional languages

18 Wisdom +4 mind saves, 2 1st, 2 2nd, 1 3rd, 1 4th spell bonus~

12 Dexterity

16 Constitution +2 hp, 95% system shock 96% resurrection survival

17 Charisma 10 max henchmen +30% loyalty +30% reaction adj.

Languages: (Norse, NG, Elvish (Vanir), Dwarvish (Durin))

SAVING THROWS: (with ring***)

Paralyzation/Poison = 2

Petrify/Polymorph = 5

Rod, Staff or Wand = 6

Breath Weapon = 8

Spells = 7

AC: 1/2

Armor Worn: silvered black chain mail +3 + helm + battle shield

Weapons of Proficiency = 5 (-3 penalty)


Hit Points: 74


Frost Hammer

Other proficiencies: (spear) & (staff) & (mace) & (?)

Spell Use: 8, 8, 7, 6, 3, 2

Current Spells:

ignore light injury (x6), detect magic, resist cold

find traps (x2), hold person, silence 15’, augury (x2), chant, slow poison

prayer (x2), remove curse, create food & drink, dispel magic (x2), speak with dead

ignore serious injury (x3), protection from evil 10’, detect lie, Tyr’s bravery

commune, fire of the golden hall, ignore critical injury

wall of axes, berserk rage

TURN UNDEAD: D, D, D, D, D, D, D, T, T, 4, 7, 10, 13

MAGIC ITEMS: two potions of extra-healing, potion of clairvoyance, scrolls of protection from magic (X2), petrification and elementals (all), scroll: detect lie, true seeing, continual darkness), scroll: hold person, remove curse, regenerate), Sword of Frey* (two-handed sword +4, 2-20/6-36, 10-100 on Fire Giants in the hands of immortals, drains one point of constitution per day of use when wielded by mortals, does much more in Frey’s hands (dancing, etc) – currently this sword will only function as a symbol, and in the hands of a Norse priest, will allow a cleric to turn giants (1-6) on the special table), potion of undead control, Raven familiar [This familiar gift from Frigga was sent back to the settlement of New Thule in Jotunheim to report information back to Knut and the Einheriar through limited Augury – Knut must expend the spell] Potion of Undead Control, Scroll of Protection from Demons, Scroll of Protection from Devils, Ring of Protection +3***


staff, 7 vials of holy water, belt, silver cross, 3 oil flasks, girdle, 12 iron spikes, garlic,
wool clothes, 4 stakes & mallet, backpack, 3 large sacks, water skin (6 days), torch, 50’ rope, fish line + hook, 3 torches, components x 1


14 gp, 4 jade carvings (odin, thor, frey, freya worth 2,000, 2,000, 5,000 and 3,000 gp) for temple***, scroll-sized crystal casket worth 3,000 gp *, piece of jewelry worth 2,000 gp, two pieces of jewelry worth 9,000 gp, fur pelt cape (worth 1,000 gp)


Knut devoted himself long ago to the priestly pursuits of Odhinn and the Norse gods. He was given the surname of Kyrre meaning the peaceful as he has often sometimes sought a peaceful method, even if it was at odds with Odhinn himself! He is the only party member to have a clear understanding of what “good” means, and his spiritual debacle (WIS check) cuts him off from access to the gods on occasion. Knut was high-priest of the temple of Odhinn in Thuleheim at the time of the Giant raid. He is the party’s spiritual connection to Odhinn, and the keeper of the wisdom of their charge and officially crowned Gram as their new King.

Genealogy: His rather long lineage is a follows: Knut is the son of Magnus who was the son of Olav who was the son of Halvdan whose father was Hakon.

Knut Kyrre (the Peaceful)

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