Noble Vanir Ice Elf Enchantress


ELF: SLINOR (Vanir) NORSE ICE Elf F/M-U 5/8 (no spells) HP: 31 AC: -1 (elven plate +2)
S – 17, I – 17, W – 14, D – 16, C – 15, CH – 20 AL: NG THACO:16
No spells in memory (at this time), spell books gone, spell use: 4/3/3/2*
(Spells have been restored via wish by Gram Broad-Shoulder during the first raid into the Fire Giant mountain in Muspell.)

[[“Foehelm, the giant killer,"]] two-handed Giant Slayer +6/8 to hit + 6/8 to damage (double on giants) 1-10/3-18 X 3/2
14I, 8E, 22P, speaks: hill, stone and frost and Norse, + NG, detect enemies 12” (round) be 10’ wide, +4 vs giants (this one)
(all other weapons +1 +1 X1 except bow; +2 +0 X2)

MAGIC ITEMS: ring of protection +3, potion of ESP, Scroll: shocking grasp; Scroll: monster summoning II; Scroll: contact other plane, protection from evil, enlarge, antipathy/sympathy; Scroll: extension, comprehend languages, remove curse, maze, wand of cold (charges unknown), wand of paralyzation (charges unknown)

All normal Elven abilities plus the Norse Ice Elven abilities of: +1 on all initial ability scores (for Ice Elves: +2 on INT, DEX and CHA, +1 WIS and CON), immortality, taller – 6’1” to 7’0”. Immune to disease, +3 on poison saves/then slow poison. Natural resist cold and fire (as spell) except ice elves have frost resistance (as cube) in stead of resist cold in native lands but suffer -2 on fire saves (resist fire protection does not apply outside of native lands), do not need to memorize spells once they have learned them (i.e. if it is the same spell, then they can recast the next day), ice elves regenerate 1 hit point per hour in cold climates, 25% magic resistance, plus all Elven abilities:90% resistance to sleep and charm, immune to scare and ghoul’s paralyzation, +1 to hit with bows, two-handed swords function as “double-specialized” when used in combat, Speak: Elvish, Gnome, Halfling, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Orcish, Gnoll, Norse, NG, Bugbear, Frost Giant, 60’ Infravision, Detect Secret/Concealed Doors: 1 in 6 by merely passing within 10’, 2 in 6 in actively searching (1 turn per 10’ section) and 3 in 6 for concealed doors, if alone of 90’ in advance of party and not wearing metal armor, they surprise 1-4 on D6 (1-2 if a door or portal must be opened)


Slinor is a Ice Elf of Noble birth and one of the Vanir that sided with the Aesir after the first Elven war that split the Vanir and Light Elves. Her Noble family can trace themselves back to the great Elvin smiths of Ivaldi’s clan. Her beauty is said to rival that of Freyja herself. A coveting Frost Giant Jarl kidnapped her and held her for his amusement for a short time. Later, after the unification of the Giant races and their crushing assault upon Midgard, he offered her as a gift to the Mountain Giant King in honor of the victory. There she remained in the dungeons awaiting his vile experimentation until rescued by Hrolf Gramsson and a party of Norseman under the geas of Odhinn.

She has offered service to the party under Gram Broad-Shoulder for one year. After which she will return to her homeland in the North.


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