Rage Of The Norsemen

Session Twenty-Nine

Raiders of the Shrine of Dagon

The Norsemen blitzkrieg the Drowned One’s shrine and find themselves in an all-out-battle against hordes of fish men…


Scenario update soon to follow…


Players in this session: Jim, Patrick, Scott, Ken and Pete! Excellent game, even with Ken’s botched rolls—doh! Shout out to Pete for gaming after a 20+ year hiatus.

A record number of players and a solid plan worthy of the Monument’s Men. Comedy of Bad Dice Roll highlights include: Gram, Finn, and Knut who found themselves stunned during the second stage of the raid, Aki missing a save and submitting to the Drowned King near the climax of the assault, and two fumbles of the night went to the DM for one fish-man soldier and Ken (using Knut) during the throne room battle. All in all, a non-stop four hour gore festival of fish guts fueled by the beserker flask.

Session Twenty-Nine