Thorr is the common man’s god, symbolized in the double-bladed axe or hammer. The hammer symbol is used to bless marriages, births, deaths and cremations. The hammer is also considered a protection against evil and men and women often wear tiny amulets of hammers to this effect. (A personal protection from evil spell if the hammer is consecrated in a temple of Thorr by a Norse priest.) He is the champion of the Gods against all Giants because of his size and strength, was Odhinn’s son by the Giantess Jord.

Fighting men worship Thorr as the strongest God, while sailors honor him for fair weather and protection from storms. For this reason many farmers join the Cult of Thorr as well.

His hammer is called Mjolnir, and with it, he is able to fight and win key battles against the giants, fending off Ragnarok for the time being…


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