Dwarf-Smiths are often confused with Elf-Smiths and vice-versa in Norse mythology. One reason for this is the Aesir didn’t look at Elves and Dwarves as being much different other than Elves lived in “the light” and Dwarves lived “below.” Rather it was insult or ignorance the term is often mixed.


For the campaign we consider smiths that are Dwarves, and smiths that were taught by Dwarves. Either way, they are practicing Dwarven smithcraft. Thus it is the smith skill not the race that creates the namesake.

Many might ask, “What is the difference or what smith is better?” In this game the Elven smiths are the greatest smiths of all time, but Elven magic is a more involved and slower process and thus Dwarves turn out items faster. The Elven smiths had strength greater than Giantkind. Dwarven smiths however have the advantage of superior weapon forging prior to the rune process, and were greater in number. They were also more free with making items for others.

A Dwarf and Elven smith together cannot be beaten. Thus that may be why the Gods employ both in the forges of Asgard.


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